A Kings Journey

Königs Weltreise . Le voyage d`un roi . El viaje del Rey . Královská cesta

Shadow theatre with live music

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Annette Wurbs

Thanks to the company "q-bus Mediatektur GmbH Berlin" for support

A production of Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) an Annette Wurbs

Idear: Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge)
Players: Peter Müller . Marie Feldt
Direction: Stefan Wey . Annette Wurbs . Peter Müller
Plot and story: team
Music: John Carlson
Stage, Figurine technique, Stage technique, lighting, sound: Peter Müller
Story translated by Jeff Burrell

world premiere

Variant for children starting from the age of 6 years, Duration approx. 60 minutes
Variant for young people and adults. Duration approx. 80 minutes

Music: 2 variants:
1. exclusive variant with live Pianist John Carlson. Livemusic Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller
2. without live Pianist. Livemusic Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller

Sprachen: deutsch, englisch, französisch, spanisch . Simultanübersetzung: dänisch, niederländisch, tschechisch, slowakisch, Farsi

A King, a lady, a deranged population, watering cans, umbrellas, and an entirely unique story. An adventurous journey around half the world with more than 60 shadow figures.

Our story is based on shadow images by the visual artist Wiebke Steinmetz.

The story is set in a country, well you could say, a special country. A country where all the citizens wear watering cans and umbrellas. On weekdays, also on weekends, all the time, in fact. It seems to be the law. The country also has a king, who is quite remarkable. He had never left his castle before, and when one day the tower falls apart, the king tumbles down through the earth to the other side!
Ms. Care, the women who looks after him, also falls. Having arrived on the other side of the earth, both of them want to go home. This means traveling halfway around the world! But for someone like our king this is not easy at all. Almost impossible, in fact, especially when he starts arguing with Ms. Care. If not for two items that prove to be very useful - Mrs. Care an umbrella, and the king his crown - they would not have made it back to their castle . And they wouldn`t have seen so many exciting places and experienced so much adventure.
And just how this curious story ends, you can find out for yourself!

"Staged with pun, verbal and visual ambiguity. Fantastic images and sound structures that bear the quality seal of a work of art earn absolutely indisputably"

"A look into the audience proved just how much the floatingly light form of the narrative also offered space for infectious and refreshing humour. Astonishment, laughter and finally raging applause had taken hold of each and every one of them. 

Pronounced puns, a veritable firework of images and rousing live music: the theatre performed its shadow play "King's World Tour" in Weißenseifen in the sold-out theatre. Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller delighted both children and adults with the king's adventurous journey halfway around the world - with surreal-looking pictures. The audience thanked them with thunderous applause.
June 2013

Audience Award 2015 at the festival in Mistelbach (Austria)


Photos: Jörg Metzner

Kulturstiftung des Bundes

Downloads Technicel Rider, Photos

performances in:
France, Spain, Denmark, Iran, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slowakei, Greece, Belgium, Scotland, England, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, the USA, Thailand, Algeria, Colombia
  • Königs WeltreisePeter Müller . Marie Feldt
  • A Kings Journey . Le voyage d`un roi . El viaje del Rey . Královská cesta
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