Gullible Travels

World theatre for machine and alphorn

For adults

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Gundolf Nandico

World premiere

A submarine chases over the horizon.
Secret laboratories hidden behind secret secret doors guard the secret secret.

Peter Müller and Gundolf Nandico transform their theatre machine again and again.
A search in eternal ice, endless deserts, the deep trenches of the oceans and in fairytale dictatorships.

A new three-dimensional form of the Theatrum Mundi, a machinery of the absurd combines with the musical journey of an alphorn.

A black milk machine story

Actor: Peter Müller
Live Music . Composition . Acting: Gundolf Nandico (Alphorn)
Development of the story . Pictures : Peter Müller . Stefan Wey
Director: Stefan Wey
Stage . Puppets . Objects : Christian Werdin
Costumes: Anke Lenz
Set design and assistant director: Barbara Steinitz
Technical realisation: Peter Müller

Duration: approx. 70 minutes without break

A production by Peter Müller and Gundolf Nandico

Languages : German . English . Possible with sub-titles

The actor and puppeteer Peter Müller is known for his imaginative combinations of figure and object theatre, clowning, shadow play, music and acting. After graduating from the Berlin Academy of Dramatic Art "Ernst Busch" Berlin, he co-founded the "Theater Handgemenge" in 1990. He has given guest performances worldwide in many countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

The musician and composer Gundolf Nandico studied horn at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin. He is particularly interested in composing and creating new music for traditional natural wind instruments such as alphorn, shepherd's horn and buechel. He has written numerous theatre and film scores. Tours have taken him all over Europe, Australia, Asia and America.

T-Werk Potsdam

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Goverment Commisioner for Culture an the Media


Video / Technicel Rider / Photos

Photos: Jörg Metzner

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"As an audience member, you can't take your eyes off all the poetic mechanics on offer, which never cease to amaze ... Müller's congenial musician Gundolf Nandico creates a wonderful and exciting world of sound and noise that really brings the fairytale adventure to life".

(Haller Tageblatt Neues Globe Theater Schwäbisch Hall 2022)