The hedgehog who should no longer be one

Vom Igel der keiner mehr sein sollte . Le hérisson qui ne devrait plus être un hérisson . Del erizo que no debería ser más

Puppetry . For Children ages 5+ and families

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Annette Wurbs

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Annette Wurbs
Player: Peter Müller
Idea: Annette Wurbs . Peter Müller
Set Design and puppetry: Christian Werdin
Music: John Carlson
Lighting . Sound: Peter Müller

Adapted from the story
by Isolde Stark

Duration: approx. 45 min
Max. audiences 150

either rising rows of seats with or without stage platform (max. 0.50m platform height)
or in the case of ground-level spectator rows with or without a stage platform (0.30m to max. 0.50m platform height)
For details see technical rider

Languages : German/English

A hedgehog leaves his small, familiar garden to go out see the big world. During his encounters with others, he is instantly spotted as a stranger. The characters he gets to meet let him know that only if he completely adapts to their way of living they will accept him. The stranger does his very best to comply, up to the point of denying his own personality. However, since the story was written for children, there is a happy end and the hero remains true to himself. In the end, he leaves the unfriendly place and goes away to – no, not back to his garden. Somewhere, there must be a place where he can be just how he is – spiny, short-legged, a hedgehog!

Photos: Peter Müller

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  • Vom Igel der keiner mehr sein sollte . The Hedgehog, that didn't want to be onePeter Müller
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