Little Häwelmann

Der kleine Häwelmann . Le petit Häwelmann . El pequeño Häwelmann

Shadow theatre/clownery . For children from 4 years and families

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Susanne Claus

Peter Müller, together with Susanne Claus, has brought the classic fairy tale from 1849 to the stage with care and affection, at times with a delicate sense of humour. Fairytale pictures full of poetry are created when the boy attaches a sail to his rollaway bed and sets off on an adventure, out to the window, to the moon, to the stars; when he flies over the city, leaving behind roofs and church towers, looking for the forest and the animals, and is bitterly disappointed because nobody admires him - because everyone else is asleep.
The timeless story between reality and shadow play, accompanied by melancholically coloured music, makes the young visitors leave inspired by the imagination....... Die Oberbadische, 22.01.2020

Co-production with Burghof Lörrach

Children should sleep at night. But some just aren't tired. "More! I want MORE!"  little Häwelmann yells from his roll-away bed. He can't fall asleep; and wants to keep rolling. So Häwelmann puts together a sail and gives it a mighty huff and a puff. And off he goes, across the room, up the wall, doing a loop-the-loop before hopping on a ray of the moon and flying out the window. Flying into the night, he has a fantastic adventure.

Children have been fascinated by this classic fairy-tale for generations. There is a delicate humor and a range of poetry in this "Little Häwelmann"; endearingly staged in a new, magical, shadow-theater production with an abundant love for even the smallest of details.

We can play this production on the same stage as "Tomorrow can wait" for adults.

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Susanne Claus

Actors: Susanne Claus and Peter Müller
Text version: Susanne Claus . Stefan Wey and Peter Müller
Director: Stefan Wey
Stage: Peter Müller . Christian Werdin
Music: Gundolf Nandico
Costume: Anke Lenz
Shadow images . light . Sound: Peter Müller
Puppets: Christian Werdin

We thank Jens Finke for his advice during the clown scenes

Duration: approx. 70 min
Max. Audience 250

Stage Minimum dimensions:
Stage width 4,20m, Stage depth 3,3m, Clear height 3m
Total depth up to the first row of chairs at least 5m, better 7m or more
Either rising rows of seats or stage platform 0,50-0,80m high.
For details see Technicrider

Languages : German . English . French

Photos: Jörg Metzner

Theater Vorpommern GmbH

Downloads Technicel Rider, Photos


  • Der kleine HäwelmannPeter Müller . Susi Claus
  • Little Häwelmann . Le petit Häwelmann . El pequeño Häwelmann
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