Devilish Times

Teuflische Zeiten . Tiempos infernales . Les Temps Diaboliques

Hand puppet show with live music . for young people and adults

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Annette Wurbs

world premiere

Coproduction with Bayer Kultur and Theater Vorpommern GmbH

Episodes about human struggle and devilish snares.
Devil and death. They set the course, dig trenches and graves, build walls and grind the individual in wooden hands. They stand for power and turn the course of history again and again towards the abyss.
Kasper is not a "good person" but quite normal. He wants to have his peace, is seducible, egocentric and adaptable.
But when the balance of his existence is repeatedly and massively disturbed, the power of his wit awakens and the anarchy of his character forces turns.

Kasper counters the powerlessness in the face of constraints and the threat to his fool's freedom with his own strength.
Whether, in the end, wit and Kasper's quick-wittedness will prevail or evil will remain victorious is the question that arises anew every time.

Performance with live music!

Actors: Devil. Death. Kasper. Gretel. Child and Dog

A production by Peter Müller (Theater Handgemenge) and Annette Wurbs

Idea . Production . Story: Annette Wurbs, Marie Feldt, Peter Müller
Puppeteers: Marie Feldt . Peter Müller
Puppets: Christian Werdin
Music: John Carlson
Stage: Peter Müller . Annette Wurbs
Sound . Light: Peter Müller

Review Basel
Conquering: "Devilish times" by Annette Wurbs and Peter Müller.
Cunning, lechery and meanness. The way the boundaries between spaces and times are played away is compelling in terms of content,
between Punch fiction and human reality and between good and evil - Gretel, for example, gets involved with the devil.
It's like a film: with little (narrative) text, but beautiful pictures, süffigem soundtrack, sounds and effects.
Smart, funny, allusive and wonderful. Calm and inevitable. And the changing backgrounds shift the action to
a place that is only accessible through storytelling and which fascinates us like children.

Duration: approx. 70 min
Max. Audience 250

Minimum stage dimensions:
4x4m, playing area (bigger is better), 3m room height,
ground level spectator rows - best variant
very slightly rising rows of seats with or without 0,50m stage platform also possible
For details see technical rider

Languages : Minimal spoken dialogue, a lot of music and action

A fragment with these figures was created in autumn 2011 for the project "Puppets Beyond Borders" in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma on the theme of home in cooperation with the "Goethe Institut Jakarta", the "Institut Francias" and the "Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Rangoon".

Downloads Technicel Rider, Photos


Theater Vorpommern GmbH

Bayer Kultur

Schaubude Berlin

Photos: Jörg Metzner

  • Teuflische Zeiten
  • Devilish Times . Les Temps Diaboliques . Tiempos infernales
  • Peter Müller . Marie Feldt
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